Frequently Asked Questions

Who is developing The Lodges at Bachelor View?

LBV LLC is a Central Oregon based company formed in order to develop this property.  LBV consists of the five members of the Evert family who put down their roots on the west edge of Bend in 1970.

Is The Lodges at Bachelor View within the city limits?

Yes, this development is located within the city of Bend.

Will there be an HOA in The Lodges at Bachelor View?

Yes, there is a monthly Home Owner's Association fee as determined by the neighborhood CC&R's, currently set at $50/month.

Are there CC&R's? How about an ARC?

Yes, homes built in The Lodges at Bachelor View will be required to abide by a set of protective Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements (CC&R's).  There will also be an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) that will work alongside builders and homeowners in order to create a unique, comfortable and cohesive neighborhood.

Is there a list of required builders I must use to build my home?

No, The Lodges at Bachelor View welcomes all builders that are willing and able to abide by restrictions set forth by the ARC.  Applications for both builders and architects are available upon purchase of a lot.

Can I have a fence around my property?

Yes, fences are allowed, as long as they are compliant with the standards set forth by the ARC.

What about landscaping?

A landscaping plan is required to be submitted with your ARC application. For expedited landscaping approvals, we suggest you use GrandDesigns, LLC.

What school district serves The Lodges at Bachelor View?

The Lodges at Bachelor View are within the boundaries of the Bend-LaPine School District. The elementary school is William E. Miller, the middle school is Cascade/Pacific Crest and high school is Summit High School.

Are ADU's allowed in The Lodges at Bachelor View?

This will be determined on a per home basis per the restrictions in place with The Lodges at Bachelor View ARC. 

What utilities serve The Lodges at Bachelor View?

Pacific Power Company, City of Bend Water and Sewer, Cascade Disposal Garbage, Bendbroadband/Century Link, Cascade Natural Gas